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Scheme design of industrial circulation heater

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May i know the price and which type of your product that i should buy if i want to heat room temperature water to 75degreeCelcius?


Lack parameters:

1)How is the initial temperature of the room ?

2)How is the Volume of the room ?

3)Is there some other cargo in the room to absorb hot temperature ? If it is , please let me know what they are .

4)And how long to reach 75degree Celcius ?

5)How is the input Voltage?



  1. Initial environment temperature is 10℃
  2. Size of the room is 10m Long, 5m Width, 3m Height .
  3. No, just empty room.
  4. We need half an hours to reach 75℃ .
  5. It is 220V 3PHASE


Solution from Laiyuan Heater Company :

1)Product name: Circulation Heater (Or Inline Heater)

2)Wattage:10KW  220V 3PHASE

3)Whole Size of the heater is 1100mm(L)*220mm(W)*450mm(H)

4)With Temperature controller system .

2019年11月12日 16:50