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Laiyuan Heater is a manufacturing company developing electric heating products for use around the world since 2003. With uncompromised dedication to our customers, we offer solutions and not just products. Our development in industry heating elements help customer like you to get alternative solutions for your projects to get off the ground in the most cost efficient way.

Laiyuan Heater understands the value of service and the needs of customers. Laiyuan Heater has the ability to provide quotes within an hour, manufacture custom made designs in a day and delivery uncompromised quality goods to industries such as the military, distributors of electric heating products, the medical industry, power plants, food processing industries and any other small or large organization requiring exceptional service. Laiyuan Heater has the fastest  turnaround time. 

Our employees always lend an ear to customers. In this way they know about customer specific requirements from practice. From this knowledge customized solutions are produced where divergences are put right at the beginning of a project. With an extensive exchange and teamwork, you can accompany our specialists at eye level within every stage.

Don’t wait for your goods to arrive in 5 or 6 weeks. We can accommodate your schedule! If your machine is down and you are losing thousands of dollars a day in lost production costs call us.


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