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I. component structure

The embedded ceramic far-infrared radiation element is made of the ceramic with high emissivity glaze, good thermal shock performance as the matrix and high-quality nickel alloy wire sintered at one time.

II. Main technical parameters and performance of embedded ceramic far infrared heater

1. The bending strength of the matrix is 440kg / cm2;

2. The element resistance is 1012 ohm 0 cm at room temperature;

3. Good chemical stability and corrosion resistance; (good anti-oxidation effect);

4. Small heat loss of radiation surface in use;

5. The substrate is heated to 800 ℃ and placed in cold water for dozens of times without cracking.

6. The radiation element is electrified and heated to the rated power, and the power is cut off and immersed in cold water for several times without damage;

7. The maximum radiation rate of radiation element is greater than 0.9;

8. Obvious energy saving effect, 10-25% higher than silicon carbide element;

9. The service life is longer than that of carbonized elements by several times.

III. application of embedded ceramic far infrared heater

1. Metal coating industry: coating of bicycles, sewing machines, automobiles, locomotives, metal chairs, aluminum alloy steel rings, car toys, air compressors, household machinery, etc., coating of refrigerators, air-conditioning shells, and drying of hardware heat treatment.

2. Wood coating industry: coating of furniture, guitar, plywood, lacquerware and toys.

3. Plastic coating industry: low temperature coating for TV, recorder shell, etc.

4. Electroplating industry: water drying treatment for aluminum windows and electronic parts after electroplating.

5. Wire and cable industry: insulated water drying and insulated rubber or PVC sulfur.

6. Food industry: processing of cakes, squid shreds, bean skin, etc., radiation heat treatment of cans, baking of biscuits and rice nuts.

7. Packaging industry: PVC shrinkage, PVC, PSP vacuum molding.

8. Plastic industry: softening of adhesive tape, embossing, preheating, foaming, adhesive tape, release, hook rod FRP treatment, etc.

9. Dyeing and finishing fiber industry: non woven fabric drying, printing fabric drying, carpet back glue, fabric dyeing and finishing, fabric paste, dyeing and drying.

10. Paper industry: paste and dry the folding edge of paper box, and print and dry the glassware.

11. Glass industry: surface coating drying of image tube and printing drying of glassware.

12. Electronic industry: processing of PC circuit board, aluminum plate, resistance parts, printing of nameplate, drying of thick film IC resistant coating.

13. Footwear industry: drying and sulfur setting of glue for rubber shoes and leather shoes.

14. Pharmaceutical industry, canning: high temperature sterilization at 250 ℃.

15. Household appliances: electric heater, electric oven, clothes dryer, three warmth engineering, etc.

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