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What should I pay attention to when installing KSD301 temperature control switch?

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When the electrical appliance is working normally, the bimetal is in a free state, and the contact is in a closed/open state. When the temperature reaches the working temperature, the bimetallic sheet is heated to generate internal stress and act quickly to open/close the contact. Switch off/on the circuit to control the temperature. When the electrical appliance cools to the reset temperature, the contact automatically closes/opens and resumes normal operation.


1. When installing the temperature control switch, the temperature sensing surface must not be deformed or even collapsed, so as not to affect the performance of the product.


2. During the installation of the product, the terminal should not be bent violently. This may lead to poor connections and contacts, thereby affecting the electrical reliability of the temperature control switch.


3. The temperature control switch should be protected from moisture pollution during use, otherwise the product performance will not be seriously affected. For the understanding of temperature control switches, it is recommended that the temperature control switch work environment: humidity ≤90%, no contact with corrosive and flammable media.


4. When installing, apply some thermal conductive silicone grease on the temperature-sensing surface first, so that the temperature-sensing surface is in uniform contact with the control part. When the temperature control switch touches the temperature sensor, the aluminum cover should be close to the product installation surface. It is recommended to use an aluminum cover to coat the parts with thermal silica gel to better conduct temperature.


5. When selecting the KSD temperature control switch, the temperature must be selected accurately. Due to the influence of heating inertia, conduction and other factors, these factors should be considered: the detection part of the temperature control; the amount of heated medium; the power of the heating element and the temperature of the environment And pressure etc.

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