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  • Tubothal Heating Element

    The Tubothal heating elements we supply are designed for long life and maintenance free operation. The so-called cartridge heaters are available in standard diameters of 50-214mm. The elements can be provided in almost any length.

    Depending on the desired capacity and the available space in your oven, the diameter and length determined. The Tubothal elements can be mounted horizontally (placed in a radiant tube) and vertically.

    Because of the ingenious design, Tubothal heating elements deliver a much higher power per meter (up to 45kW) than conventional cartridge heaters.

    Well-defined combustion is important to maximize efficiency and reduce pollution. Too much air reduces the heat output and increase the amount of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases. Too little air results in imperfect combustion which causes unburnt residues in the form of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (CxHy) to be expelled with fumes to the environment. Control equipment ensures that combustion always remains within the "green window" resulting in low emissions of both nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide.