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    Ceramic strip heaters offer high temperature performance in a rugged, contamination resistant stainless steel sheath. They are bolt-in replacements for Chromalox, GE, Watlow, and other channel strip heaters.

    They are available with either an aluminized steel sheath (for temperatures up to 800°F) or a stainless steel sheath (for temperatures up to 1200°F), with or without mounting tabs, and can be manufactured with post terminals or a variety of lead options.

    Ceramic strip heaters are constructed with a using chromium resistance wire coil inside a ceramic core which is then inserted in a metal sheath and filled with magnesium oxide for maximum heat transfer.  This construction provides the long life necessary for tough applications.




     Room Heaters (with fins)

     Hot Plates


     Hot Knives

     Sealing applications


     Subway and rail car heating

     Marine applications, including cabin heating and ship-building

     Welding preheating

     Printing presses

     Hot stamping





    The HCS Series stainless steel strip heaters provide clean, dependable heat with sheath temperatures up to 649°C (1200°F) and watt densities up to 40 W per square inch. Because of the seamless stainless steel sheath, these ceramic-insulated strip heaters are dimensionally stable in milled slots.


    Width: 1.500" ±.010"

    Length: Up to 24": ±1/16", 24" and Over: ±1/8"

    Thickness: 0.375" ±0.005"

    Wattage Tolerances: -10 to 5% at rated voltage


    1.Seamless stainless steel sheath

    2. Post terminals

    3. Ceramic element support

    4. Element wire situated close to outside surface for maximum heat transfer and minimum internal temperature while preserving good dielectric qualities

    5. Magnesium oxide packing