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3 phase 1-1/4"NPT 8" length sus304 220v 1.5kw Electric Immersion Water Flange Heater Element

220V 1.5KW( customized)



Wattage Tolerance
+5%, -10%
Resistance tolerance
+10%, -5%
Insulation resistance (cold)
≥ 500 MΩ
Maximum leakage current (cold)
≤ 0.5 mA
Dielectric strength
1500 V
Tube diameter
Tube Material
 Fe, SS304;SS316,SS321,ss202 etc
 Insulation Material
High-purity Mgo
Reisistance wire element
Ni-Cr or FeCr
Lead Connection Option
Crimped or Swaged leads
Lead and type of connection leads
10" Fiberglass Standard(Wire options,silicone high temperature frberglass)
Voltage and power
customized according to drawing
one year


Flange immersion heater is made of seamless stainless steel tube, high-quality Mgo, High Ohm NiGr alloy wire. Flange immersion heater is more heat exchange efficient, that means flange immersion heater could standard 3 to 4 times wattage. Flange immersion heater is made of advanced production equipment and through strict quality test. Characteristic fast temperature rise heating uniformity heating exchange efficiently long-time usage appliance.

These flanged heater products are designed for heating heat transfer fluids, medium and lightweight oils and water in tanks and pressure vessels. Plate flanged heaters are ideal for applications requiring low to medium wattage requirements.

Flanged heaters are made with tubular elements that are brazed or welded to the flange. Stock plate flanged heaters are supplied with general purpose or moisture-resistant terminal enclosures.
1.  Direct replacement for many OEM mold temperature control units provides a single-source supplier for many OEM applications.
2. ANSI compatible 1,1.5,2,2.5 inch and round type ,square type,Triangular type flange for appropriate heater size to application fit.
3. Standard ,general purpose,or moisture resistant terminal enclosure to easily control access to wiring.
 Maximum Operating Temperatures
Maximum Watt Densities
Alloy 800
1600 F°
870 F°
 100  W/in2
15.5 W/cm2
304 Stainless Steel
1200 F°
650 F°
100  W/in2
15.5 W/cm2
750 F°
400 F°
30  W/in2
4.7 W/cm2
350 F°
175 F°
45  W/in2
6.9 W/cm2
Side mounting: install the side opening at a certain distance from the water tank to the bottom. 
Top mounting: opening at the bottom or top of the water tank for installation, or hanging at the top.
The star connection method refers to connecting the three-phase ends of the motor winding together, and the three-phase head end is the power end; the triangle connection method refers to connecting the three-phase winding head end and tail end with each other, and the three ends are the power end.
Triangle connection method: it is helpful to improve the power of the motor. The disadvantage is that the starting current is large and the voltage (380V) of the winding is large. Increased insulation class. Star connection: it is helpful to reduce the withstand voltage of winding (220V) and the insulation level. Reduced starting current. The disadvantage is the reduction of motor power. Therefore, most of the small power motors below 4kw adopt star connection method, and those larger than 4kw adopt triangle connection method.


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1. All kinds of heaters, such as electric water furnace, water boiler, steam furnace, air energy, solar energy, auxiliary heating of engineering water tank, chemical pool, bathing pool, swimming pool, incubator, etc.

2. Heavy oil heater of heavy oil burner. 3. Heaters for any liquid in various industrial chemicals