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Heating tube in the electric heating industry

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Cartridge heating tubes are relatively common in the electric heating equipment industry. According to the needs of customers and its working environment, the choice of materials is to choose stainless steel 304, 310, 321.316 or austenitic stainless steel as electric heating. There are two common ways in the outlet mode of the pipe sheath: one is the external wiring structure process. The other is the internal lead-out structure. According to different use environments and application occasions, suitable cartridge heating tubes are produced to supply demand.

The main features of the cartridge heating tube product are: single-ended outlet structure, high surface load of the electric heating tube, small diameter tolerance of the tube, and high operating temperature. Because of these remarkable characteristics, the cartridge heating tube is very popular in the mold industry. At the same time, all indicators are customized and produced in accordance with design requirements, and its moisture resistance, insulation properties, high watt density, high temperature resistance, and comprehensive performance are all in an advantageous position.

It is often used for high and low temperature insertion heating of various large and small molds and mechanical equipment, including dies and other molds, medical equipment, plastic sealing machines, bottle capping machines, continuous automatic sealing machines, cigarette making machines, etc. Cartridge heating tubes are used in the food industry to bake various breads, biscuits, and pastries, as electric heating devices in water tunnels, and various household electric heating appliances in daily life, such as electric stoves, electric ovens, rice cookers, and electric stir fry Pots, electric frying pans, water heaters, electric irons and other products.

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