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Introduction of aluminum foil heater

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The heating element is composed of silicone insulated heating wire. Place the heating wire between two pieces of aluminum foil or thermally fuse it on a single layer of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil heaters come with a self-adhesive backing for quick and easy installation on areas to maintain temperature. Aluminum foil heaters are made according to their needs, so the size can be adapted to various pages.

Suitable for rated voltage below 250V, 50-60Hz, relative humidity ≤90%, ambient temperature -30℃~+50℃

Electricity heating in the environment.

Technical Parameters

1. Size: can be customized according to requirements;

2. Voltage: can be customized according to requirements;

3. Power deviation (resistance value deviation) ≤ ± 5%

4. Leakage current: at working temperature, the leakage current is ≤0.5mA;

5. Power deviation: rated power at rated voltage is +5%, -10% of rated value;

6. Peeling strength between aluminum foil and heating wire: ≥ 2N/1min without peeling or falling off.

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