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Production of nozzle band heater

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Nozzle Heaters can deliver reliable high-temperature heating to cylindrical surfaces. They're widely used in  plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, molding presses, die casting, blowing-film, packaging, food processing, analytical instrumentation.


We can customize the diameters, widths, voltages, and wattages clamp styles and power connections.


1. Prepare high temperature heating wire, insulation material, and metal strip.


2. Cut metal strip to the size of the nozzle as request.


3. Attach the high temperature heating wire to the metal strip and make sure it's fastened and evenly spaced.


4. To avoid the electrical shock and reduce heat loss, we'll cover the heating wire and metal strip in insulation material.


5. Power on and test high temperature heating wire to make sure its voltage and wattage are same as request.


6. Final test the nozzle band heater to make sure it performs well.


Note: Please follow proper safety protocols during production and testing due to its high temperature.

2023年5月27日 11:08