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There are three main types of band heaters

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A band heater is an electrical heating element that provides heat to cylindrical or planar objects by directly contacting them. The band heater consists of heating wire, metal sheath and insulating material. There are three main types of band heaters: ceramic band heaters, mica band heaters, and nozzle band heaters.

After the power is turned on, the heating wire inside the band heater starts to generate heat. The metal sheath around the heating element acts as a conductor, allowing heat to be transferred to the surface it encases.

The insulation inside the band heater helps control heat and prevents it from being lost to the surrounding environment. This allows the strip heater to run efficiently and maintain a consistent temperature.

The temperature of the band heater can be controlled by a thermostat, which can be set within a specific temperature range. This allows the strip heater to provide a controlled and consistent level of heat to the object it is wrapped in.


Overall, band heaters are an effective and efficient way to provide heat to cylindrical or flat objects that require a controlled temperature.


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