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What are the characteristics of quartz tube

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1. High electrothermal conversion efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect. The carbon fiber heating element is a pure black body material. In the electrothermal conversion process, the visible light is very small, and the electrothermal conversion efficiency is over 95%, which is higher than that of nickel-chromium, tungsten-molybdenum and other materials as heating elements. Under the same power, the radiation temperature is 30higher than that of nickel-chromium metal electric heating tube, and 15higher than that of tungsten molybdenum wire quartz electric heating tube. The far infrared rays emitted are directly absorbed by the human body, clothes, water, etc., and the heat loss is small in the process of heat transfer; the absorption of carbohydrates is stronger, and it has a good carbon atom resonance effect, and the product efficiency is greatly improved.


2. No transient current impact ignition does not require a ballast, and there is no pulse current impact when starting, which simplifies the lighting power supply and protection circuit, and prolongs the service life of the power supply and related electrical appliances.


3. The heat dissipation point is high, which can improve the design directional heat dissipation.


4. Environmental protection, no light pollution, no eye irritation, no skin burns; no ultraviolet radiation, harmful gases and high-frequency radiation.

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