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How to use Ceramic Infrared Heating Element

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Improper use of ceramic infrared heating elements may cause fire and click accidents, resulting in personal injury or damage to machinery and equipment.


The following are some aspects that need to be paid attention to when using ceramic infrared heating elements.


1) Ceramic infrared heating elements must work under conditions that are not accessible to operators or users. If necessary, please attach a warning sign.


2) The working temperature of the ceramic infrared heating element shall not be higher than the maximum allowable temperature marked on the radiator, otherwise it will burn out.


3) It is recommended to use a temperature controller (thermostat) to prevent the temperature from exceeding the allowable range. Ceramic infrared heating elements with power above 600w should work under temperature control conditions, and ceramic infrared heating elements with temperature sensors must be temperature controlled.


4) After the radiator power is disconnected, there is still residual heat. At this time, the human body will be scalded due to contact with the ceramic infrared heating element, and the heat-sensitive material or object will be burned.


5) The ceramic infrared heating element must be protected from knocks, collisions and moisture.


6) If the ceramic infrared heating element comes into contact with water, such as when cleaning the device, immediately heat and dry the radiator for a short time.

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