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How to use the silicone heating sheet correctly:

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1. When using this type of electric heating device, it must be noted that the continuous working temperature should be lower than 240 °C, and the instantaneous temperature should not exceed 300 °C.


2. The electric heating device of the silicone heating sheet can work and press, that is, use the auxiliary pressing plate to make it close to the heating surface. At this time, the thermal conductivity is good, and the power density can reach 3W/cm2 when the working area temperature does not exceed 240 °C.


3. The allowable working temperature is less than 150 under the condition of paste installation.


4. In the case of dry burning in the air, due to the temperature resistance of the material, the power density should be less than 1W/cm2; under discontinuous conditions, the power density can reach 1.4 W/cm2.


5. The selection of working voltage is based on the principle of high power-high voltage, low power-low voltage, and special needs can be excluded.

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