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Installation method of silicone rubber heater:

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Method 1: You can hold a small piece of thermally conductive silicone sheet in one hand, and tear off one of the release paper protective films with the other hand. But keep in mind that two layers of protective films cannot be removed at the same time to reduce the number and area of direct contact with the thermally conductive silicone sheet. This can prevent the self-adhesion of the thermally conductive silicone sheet from being damaged. Try not to let your hands touch the thermal conductive silicone sheet directly to avoid being affected by dirt. Of course, for a large-area thermally conductive silicone sheet, it must be done by two people.


Method 2: After tearing off one side of the release film, the torn side faces the radiator, align the thermal conductive silicone sheet with the position of the radiator, and the interfaces are seamlessly attached. One thing to watch out for is to put it down slowly so as not to form air bubbles. If there are bubbles after surgery, you can gently tear a corner, pull it up, and put it down slowly. You can also use a tool to lightly iron the thermal silicone sheet to remove air bubbles. The force should not be too large, so as not to damage the thermal conductive silicone sheet.

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