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Where to Use Silicone Rubber Heaters

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New energy vehicle industry

As the temperature decreases, the discharge performance of lithium batteries decreases significantly. If it is used in a low temperature environment for a long time, or in an ultra-low temperature environment of -40°C, the power supply will "freeze to death" and cause permanent damage.

Electrical industry

The power system is equipped with various distribution cabinets and SF6 circuit breakers. The heater can effectively remove the water mist in the power distribution cabinet and avoid short-circuit accidents. In the high-voltage cabinet, the heating element keeps the sulfur hexafluoride gas in a low temperature environment and maintains a good arc extinguishing performance.


The industry has a large demand for storage and transportation of liquid materials. By using flexible heaters, delivery pipes and storage containers can be wrapped to keep materials in use at low temperatures.

Medical industry

Heaters have a wide range of applications in the medical field. For example, heating the medicine in the syringe and ventilator to a comfortable temperature for the human body, thereby reducing cold stimulation; heating the medical machine to prevent the patient from dissipating heat; dissolving the wax block in the wax therapy device, etc.

Machinery Industry

Our heaters are used in thermal processing equipment, such as sublimation machines, 3D printers, wood bending forming equipment, material thermocompression bonding equipment, etc. In addition, the heating sheet is also used for preheating, antifreeze, drying, and thermal insulation industrial equipment to defrost to keep it in the best state of use.

Civil industry

In our daily life, the use of heating pads is also very extensive. We have developed mature civilian products such as office heating table pads, pet thermostatic pads, hatch heating pads and wearable heating pads. Meal delivery insulation mats, etc.

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