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newest 650w infrared panel heaters

newest 650w  infrared panel heaters

Specifications :

IR ceramic heater 
-Material:ceramic for body 
-Used in chemical industry 
-High quality & best price

IR ceramic heater

Embedding type ceramic far infrared radiated elements apply glaze with high radiance,ceramic with good heat and shock property as base,and are sintered once by nichrome wire.


 Components  :

1.Base body:made of ceramic material with good heat shock property.

2.Heating nature:sintered by high quality nichrome wire.

3.Glaze:composed of metal oxide material with good far infrared radiated property.

4. Put right amount of additive and improve radiant intensity and strengthen adaptability of glaze billet


Main technical parameter and property:

1.Radiated characteristic: the tiptop single color of radiance of element can reach 0.9

2.Time of heating response: from room temperature to surface temperature of radiated plate, the fixed time will not exceed 20 minutes.

3.Cold and hot resistance: the base body is heated to 800 C and put in cold water repeatly for many times and no cracking. After cold and hot mutual change test for five times, no peel and no craze.

4. The radiated element is heated after electrifying to rating power and immerged into cold water after interruption of power supply for forty times without damage.

5.Good chemical stability; strong causticity-resistance; perfect oxidation-resistance

6.The heating damage of non radiated surface is small.

7. Resistance in common temperature:

10^12 ohm ^0cm

8.Uneven degree for radiated surface temperature:≤15%

9. Rupture strength for base body:


10.Tolerance of power:

≤5% at rating working voltage

11.Cold state insulated resistance

500V tramegger>2 mΩ

12.Thermal state insulated resistance:

500V tramegger>5 mΩ

13.Using life span:

>3000 hours

14.The effect of energy saving is obvious, increasing 10-25% compared with silicon carbide element

15. The life span can prolong more than a few times compared with silicon carbide element.





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