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Temperature Sensor S Thermocouple Type B

Temperature Sensor S Thermocouple Type B 


Temperature Range of Thermocouple Type B :


Mineral Oxide Thermocouples for a wide range of industrial applications 
Temperature limits: 

-0 ... +350°C for type T 
-0 ... 750°C for type J 
-0 ... 900°C for type E 
-0 ... 1300°C for type K (see table for sheath diameters) 
For type T: ± 1°C (-40 ... 133°C) ± 0.0075 [t] (t > 133°C) 
For type J, E, K: ± 2,5°C (-40 ... 333°C) ± 0.0075 [t] (t > 333°C) 
Mineral insulated (MgO) thermocouple element and continuous metal sheath 

Application versatility Of Thermocouple Type B :

Furnace Thermocouple .

The probe is 6" (150 mm) long and 16.0 mm in diameter. The transition section is 0.5 in diameter . Both tip and transition section are made of Ceramic tube. Maximum working temperature: 1600C.



AccuracyTemperature range()AccuracyTemperature range()
Ni Cr-Ni Si K1.5-10402.5-1040
Ni Cr Si-Ni Si Eor-1140or-1240
NiCr-Konstantan N0.4%t-8400.75%t-840
Fe-Konstantan J
Cu-Konstantan T1 or-3901.5 or-390
Pt Rh 10-Pt S1or0-16001.50-1600
PtRh 13-Pt R1+t-1100× 0.0030-1600or
Pt Rh30-PtRh 6 B



Please identify the following items when ordering:


1. Shutter support Specification 
2. Single-ouch or double-ouch
3. Lead Wire Length 
4. Lead Wire Material 
5. Protection material
6. Protection length
7. Stainless steel armor tube material
8. Stainless steel armor tube length
9. Spring material, ID, OD and length



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