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12v Heater Cartridge 40w

2000 Piece/Pieces per Week 12v Heater Cartridge 40w

12v Heater Cartridge 40w  widely used in Heating of Mould Tools, Tooling, Platens, Packaging Machinery, Heat Sealing Equipment, Plastic Process Machinery, Food Process Machinery, Catering, Printing, Hot Foil Printing, Shoe manufacturing Machinery, Laboratory / Test Equipment, Vacuum Pumps, and many more.

Laiyuan manufacture 12v Heater Cartridge 40w   engineered to satisfy the full spectrum of Cartridge Heater applications. Whilst a standard range of  12v Heater Cartridge 40w   are available, we specialise in designing and manufacturing 12v Heater Cartridge 40w   to our customers requirements. It is important to choose the correct construction  12v Heater Cartridge 40w    to suit your application.


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