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RTD sensor VS. Thermocouple

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RTD sensor:

Since Pt100 is an RTD sensor, we first look at what an RTD sensor is.

The abbreviation for RTD comes from "Resistance Temperature Detector". It is a temperature sensor whose resistance depends on temperature. When the temperature changes, the resistance of the sensor also changes. Therefore, by measuring the resistance of the sensor, the RTD sensor can be used to measure temperature.


RTD sensors are usually made of platinum, copper, nickel alloys or various metal oxides.




Can be used to measure higher temperatures

Very strong


Self-powered, no external excitation required

Not very accurate

Need cold junction compensation

The extension cord must be a material suitable for the thermocouple type, and attention must be paid to the temperature uniformity of all junctions in the measurement circuit

Uneven wires may cause unexpected errors

In short, you can say that thermocouples are more suitable for high temperature applications.

2020年12月16日 17:13