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Product Description

This Nano infrared heater are used in plastic molding machine.

The infrared heating circle uses the high quality resistance and the quartz tube to compose the infrared generator.

The infrared heating circle can heat the workpieces with high density, high energy and high intensity, and adopt the reflection structure, and the application of the space grade thermal insulation material, Making an increase of infrared radiation efficiency, reducing heat loss, energy-saving effect is obvious. Comprehensive experimental data, three kinds of heating band.

Heaters surface temperature and the highest energy-saving.


plastic machine nano infrared heater advantages

1. Improve electro thermal conversion rate - over 99.8% (nano carbon silicon material) .
2. Improve heat transmission efficiency (zero medium heat radiation, specific wave length infrared radiation).
3. Reduce heat loss (thick nano insulation layer).
4. Energy-saving rate: 30%-70%.
5. Surface temperature is around 50ºC- significantly improves workshop environment.
6. Simple installation - just like installing normal resistance heaters.
7. SUS cover which is stable and long usage life.


Product application

Injection molding machine



Drawing machine

Blown film mahcine

Laminating machine

Other plastic machinery and other equipment

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