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Tubular heater Classification

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U-type electric tube, double U flange installation electric tube, thread edges electric tube, double-head fin electric tube, double-head anti-hydro thermal tube, water heater heating tube.


Classified by usage environment

Air use: 1. Closed air heating 2.Circulating air heating 3.Special gas heating

Used in liquid: 1. Water heating 2. oil heating 3. acid-base liquid heating (electric heating tube heating area should be immersed completely) not to mix use because of the different watt density and material. Good use of the environment should not produce skin, thinning, dust, oil, water and other phenomena.


Classified by acid and alkali, gas use

General neutral environment use copper pipe, SUS304 316 tube. Weak acid, weak alkali environment use Incoloy nickel alloy tube, moderate acid, alkali environment with Ti titanium alloy tube. Strong acid, strong alkali environment, use quartz, Teflon teflon tube, Incoloy nickel alloy tube, 900 ℃ environment with SUS316 tube, 700 ℃ environment with SUS304 tube, 650 ℃ environment with Ti titanium alloy tube, 300 ℃ environment with Cu copper pipe, 110 ℃ environment below teflon Teflon Teflon tube. Due to the wide variety of heated air, liquid and the variety of applications, please contact professionals who are familiar with chemical properties before use.


Classified by seal ingress material

(1) High temperature electric tube using silicone seal, can withstand the high temperature of 700 degrees C, the disadvantage is that it is not possible to completely prevent liquid and moisture penetration.

(2) The use of Silicone sealing in medium and low temperature synods, to prevent liquid from seeping into the tube from the terminal port, the disadvantage is that only the operating temperature can withstand 220 degrees , the instantaneous temperature of 250 degrees.

(3) Low temperature use of electric heating tube epoxy seal, to prevent moisture, liquid infiltration, the disadvantage is only able to withstand the operating temperature of 150 degrees C, the instantaneous temperature of 185 degrees.


Classified by Tube Wiring

Double-head electric tube wiring method has Y-xenon-type wiring is a three-phase voltage, series, parallel wiring is a single-phase voltage, wiring must be in accordance with the wiring area temperature selection of suitable heat-resistant wire, terminals need to be locked, so as to avoid short-circuit caused by implement leakage and burn-out electric tube.

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