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Metal casting heater is a tubular electric heating element as a heating body, and bending molding, into the mold with high-quality metal alloy material for the shell to centrifugal cast into a variety of shapes, there are round type, flat plate, right angle type, air cooling, water cooling and other special types.


After finishing, it can be closely fitted with the heated body, the surface load of the cast aluminum heater can reach 2.5-4.5w/cm2, the maximum operating temperature is between 300-450 degrees C, the surface load of the cast copper heater can reach 3.5-5.0w/cm2, with a maximum operating temperature of 500-600 degrees C, and a surface load of 4.5-6.0w/cm2 for cast iron heaters, with a maximum operating temperature of 550-700 degrees C.


Metal casting heater is a high-efficiency thermal division uniform heater, excellent thermal conductivity of the metal alloy, to ensure that the temperature of the hot surface uniform, eliminating the equipment hot and cold points. With long life, good insulation performance, strong mechanical performance, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic field and other advantages. The external heat dissipation surface to increase the insulation device, the inner heat surface sintered infrared, so can save 35% of electricity.

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