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How to use flange heating tube

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According to the use of flanged electric heaters, its shape and structure are also different, including single-end flanged electric heaters, single-end finned electric heaters, inclined single-headed flanged electric heaters, u-shaped convex electric heaters Edge electric heater, w-type flange electric heater, square nut flange electric heater, hexagonal nut flange electric heater, z-type titanium flange electric heater, etc.


When using the flanged electric heater to work in the water tank, pay attention to its operation and rendering ability, otherwise it will cause serious consequences. Many producers have now stopped production to avoid this reproductive inconvenience. At present, the explosion-proof heater is improved and designed for the dry fire active verification equipment of mechanical equipment, and burns are reasonably avoided.


In flanged heating piping equipment, if there is no water in the tank, or the water content in the tank is insufficient, it is called dry burning. This working environment is not fixed, but it can be made ugly by accidental operation of the electric heating system. In order to avoid uninteresting electric heaters, the products on the market are equipped with various thermostats or thermal protectors to cut off the circuit and stop heating after the temperature of the test point reaches the set value: when the temperature of the tester drops to the lower limit, it will automatically closure.


Why is the flange heating pipe boring involves the electric heater, because the high temperature of the boring electric heater is directly transmitted to the original water tank adapter, and repeated heating will damage the surrounding seal, the insulating part and the important parts of the water tank, which are extremely harmful. The electric kettle is constituted by an electric socket in the electric kettle. This device has an active reset temperature control device, but in order to avoid boring, it needs not to reset actively to avoid boring.

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