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What to do with a cracked thermocouple sheath?

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When using thermocouples, sheath rupture will inevitably occur, which directly affects the reliability and safety of operation. Combining several situations that may easily lead to thermocouple breakage, the following methods can be used to reduce the occurrence of thermocouple breakage.


1. Strictly control the insertion depth of the thermocouple.


When measuring the temperature, we only need to insert the thermocouple into the isothermal area of the fluid, without inserting the center point of the pipe, which is beneficial to shorten the cantilever length of the thermometer bag and reduce the temperature amplitude. end.


2. In the case of ensuring the necessary strength of the thermocouple, the diameter of the thermocouple is optimally selected. It is necessary to reasonably ensure the strength of the sheath, and try to stagger the resonance danger zone.


3. Change the cross-sectional shape and process the surface into a structural type, so that the fluid does not fall off eddy currents.


4. Strictly control the maintenance quality, do a good job in the material inspection of the thermocouple, and do a good job in flaw detection at the same time to prevent the occurrence of abnormal accidents such as weld cracks and fractures.


5. When the system is put into operation, it should be avoided that the valve on the pipeline is suddenly fully opened. When the system is just put into operation, slowly open the valve, let the system pressure gradually increase, reduce the pressure difference between the front and back of the thermocouple as much as possible, and avoid the rupture of the sheath caused by excessive one-way force.


I hope it helps everyone learn better. We need to combine theory with practice, and propose corresponding solutions according to the specific situation that occurs.

2022年3月5日 10:58