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What is an electric heater and what are the applications of an electric heater

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An electric air heater is an electric heating device that mainly heats the airflow. Heating from initial temperature to desired air temperature up to 850°C. The heating element of the electric air heater is a stainless steel electric heating tube. The inner cavity of the heater is provided with a plurality of baffles (deflectors) to guide the airflow and prolong the residence time of the gas in the inner cavity, so that the gas can be fully heated and the airflow can flow. The gas is heated evenly and the heat exchange efficiency is improved. The heating element of the electric heater is a stainless steel heating tube, which is formed by inserting a heating wire into a seamless steel tube, filling the gap with magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation, and then shrinking the tube. This structure is not only advanced, but also has high thermal efficiency and uniform heat generation. When the current passes through the high temperature resistance wire, the heat generated is diffused to the surface of the heating tube through the crystalline magnesium oxide powder, and then transferred to the heated air to achieve the purpose of heating.


Technical features:


1. The air can be heated to a very high temperature, up to 850°C, while the shell temperature is only about 50°C.


2. High efficiency: up to 0.9 or more.


3. The heating and cooling speed block can reach 10/S, and the adjustment is fast and stable. The controlled air temperature will not lead and lag, which will make the temperature control drift infinitely, which is very suitable for automatic control.


4. Good mechanical properties: Because its heating element is a special alloy material, under the impact of high-pressure airflow, its mechanical properties and strength are better than any heating element. System and accessory tests are more advantageous.


5. Durable, the service life can reach several decades without violating the rules of use.


6. Fresh air and small size

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