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Why does the mold heating tube burst?

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Many mold heater tubes cracked and burst shortly after use. What's the matter? Let us analyze why with you.


1. The power of the heating tube


Electric heating tubes have a certain power range. If the power is too large, the surface load is too large, and the internal temperature is too high, it is easy to cause internal expansion and lead to tube burst.


2. Pipe material


Electric heating tubes are generally made of stainless steel. According to the specific conditions of use, the material of the stainless steel pipe is also different.


3. Magnesium oxide powder in electric heating tube


If the above two items are OK, it may be the problem of magnesium powder.


If the magnesium powder cannot meet the technical requirements during the processing and drying process, water will enter, and the thermal expansion of the water will cause a lot of pressure to the pipeline, and there is even a possibility of leakage.


In addition, if the quality of the magnesium powder in the electric heating tube is not up to standard, or there are impurities in the magnesium powder, high temperature use will also lead to storage.


4. The use environment of the pipe


The size of the tube must be selected according to the hole diameter of the die. It should be closely matched with the mold during installation. It is strictly forbidden to contact with the air, and it is strictly forbidden to dry in the air. Can not be used in wet environment, it will also lead to burst tube.


In addition to the above four points, we also need to carry out regular maintenance on the radiator to prevent the decrease of thermal insulation performance caused by moisture. If your pipes burst frequently, you can check the above points and take care to avoid them.

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