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What are the advantages and disadvantages of cast aluminum heaters?

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At present, in my country's electric heater market, cast aluminum electric heaters account for the vast majority. Due to its own characteristics, this kind of heater is still widely used in many fields, and there is still a big imbalance between supply and demand. The demand is far from enough, and the development prospect is broad. The following mainly introduces its advantages and disadvantages.




1. Mainly adopts cluster tubular heating element, which has fast thermal response, controllable temperature and high heat utilization rate.


2. The maximum temperature can reach nearly 1000 degrees, which is beyond the reach of ordinary heaters.


3. The temperature of each part is uniform and the temperature control ability is strong.


4. It has a wide range of applications and strong adaptability, and can be used in various occasions, especially explosion-proof occasions.


5. Long service life, good reliability, automatic control, very reasonable design, easy to realize automatic control, can be networked with computer, realize computer remote operation.


6. Another notable feature is that it is very energy-saving, and heat is hardly wasted.




Cast aluminum electric heaters have basically no drawbacks unless there is a better heater setup.


Cast aluminum heaters have many advantages, which have played a great role in the rapid development of the industry, are conducive to the realization of industrial modernization, and are also conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction. They are very good heating devices.

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