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How to choose an immersion water heater?

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Today let's take a look at common immersion water heaters. There are many types of tubes that can be used for liquid heating, such as:


1. Threaded barrel water heater

Commonly used in small fuel tanks, diesel engines, automobile fuel tanks and other containers with small volume and low power.


2. U-type/W-type immersion water heater

U-type/W-type immersion water heaters are used in water dispensers, fryers, sterilizers, steamers, etc.


3. Threaded immersion water heater

Some oil drums, oil tanks, small boilers, small water tanks and other containers with power less than 10KW often use threaded immersion water heaters.


4. Flat flange immersion water heater

Large boilers, oil drums in heating stations, hot water tanks in bathing centers and other equipment with high power use flat flange immersion water heaters.

With liquid heating pipes, we need to know the level of the liquid and whether the liquid is corrosive. The liquid heating tube should be completely immersed in the liquid during use to avoid the phenomenon of dry burning of the electric heating tube. The surface temperature of the electric heating tube is too high, which may cause the electric heating tube to burst.

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