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Mica band heater

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Construction characteristics

  • Built-in bracket provides excellent clamping force
  • Robust and torque-resistant screw terminals
  • Temperature up to 480°C
  • Full-width stainless steel built-in strap
  • Flexibly merge holes and cuts
  • Available two-piece and expandable design
  • The best mica insulated heater on the market
  • Delivery speed is faster than any other type of heating belt
  • The most economical among various heating zones
  • The most versatile and commonly used heating tape


Designed for trouble-free service

The mica insulated tape heater is the result of years of research and development, and is committed to developing a reliable heater that can operate at a working temperature of up to 480°C-processing new models for plastic extruders and injection molding The temperature and blow molding machine required for high temperature resin.


Our mica tape heaters are designed to have the largest resistance wire surface area and are installed in low-quality components to achieve rapid heating and rapid response. The outer cover has a low thermal expansion built-in strap.


As a manufacturer of custom heating elements, we recognize that many applications require non-standard and unique designs.


Customers continue to challenge us to solve their heating application challenges. We have rich experience, technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities, and can solve all your heating problems through a unique heater design. Use our talents and abilities to bring you benefits and solve your specific heating problems in a fast, cost-effective manner.

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