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Advantages of heating tube in the field of heating

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(1) One-time investment is relatively moderate, and maintenance costs are low.


(2) Electric heating is clean and hygienic, free of soot, oil and environmental pollution.


(3) The thermal inertia is small, the temperature control precision is high, and the heating effect is good.


(4) The electric heating power can be easily adjusted, so it is easy to adjust the temperature, and it is easy to realize automatic control.


(5) The electric heating method may produce a large amount of heat energy in a very small area, so that it can be heated at a high speed and reach a predetermined temperature.


(6) There is no need for environmental conditions, unlike fuel combustion that requires oxygen, so the heated object is not easy to oxidize.


(7) High thermal efficiency. Compared with other energy sources, the thermal efficiency of coal is about 12%-20%, the thermal efficiency of liquid fuel is about 20%-40%, the thermal efficiency of gas fuel is about 50%-60%, and the thermal efficiency of steam is about 45%-60%. , And the thermal efficiency of electric energy is about 50%-95%.


(8) The object to be heated can be easily moved mechanized and automated in the heating zone, creating extremely favorable conditions for electric heating to be used in assembly lines and automatic lines.

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