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Why choose our mica band heater?

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Our mica band heaters are constructed from the highest grade mica to create industrial heating elements that are moisture resistant and provide excellent electrical insulation.

This type of element has a metal sheath which is oxidation resistant at high temperatures. To prevent the band becoming loose at high temperatures, we use low thermal expansion stainless steel.

Leads can be fitted to the element in a wide choice of positions and angles. Inside the sheath is Nickel/Chromium resistance wire which is evenly wound to provide uniformity of heat distributions.

Terminating lead materials: Fibreglass, Stainless steel braid, Stainless steel Conduit

Clamping options: Welded on barrel nut, Wedge, Flange, Spring loaded

Special construction options: Two piece, Euro plug, Terminal box, Expandable, Rectangular box, Custom holes and slots (e.g. for mounting )

Post terminal options: Vertical (standard), Parallel, Either side of gap (e.g. nozzle heaters), Button terminals

Other variations and possibilities include fitment of internal thermocouples, three phase construction and ceramic insulation for higher temperature applications.

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