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Tubular heaters are the base of electrical heating and this product group has been model for the innovative heating techniques we are using today. Laiyuan Heater tubular heaters are found in a variety of heating products and are used for heating of air, gases, liquids, salts, minerals and solids through heat conduction or radiant heat.


Laiyuan Heater tubular heaters are made of metal tubes there we place a power adapted spiralized resistance wire in the center of the tube. Around the resistance wire, magnesium oxide is compressed which will be the isolator between the electric resistor wire and the outer tube. The tubular heater is then sealed, gets its connections and bents, spirals and forms according to wishes. Common fixations are with flange, nipple or threaded plug.


Laiyuan Heater designs qualitative tubular heaters. We offer a wide variety of heater materials such as copper, stainless steel, acid resistant stainless steel, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 825, titan. When used in baths with corrosive liquids, we also have the opportunity to coat the tubular heaters with PTFE (Teflon) as an extra protective layer.


For installations without protective earth, Laiyuan Heater can offer double insulated tubular heaters for increased personal safety. The tubular heaters can also be fitted with integrative fuse for extra passive safety.


Laiyuan Heater primarily provides customized tubular heaters but we also have a standard range for quick delivery.


For temperature control and regulation we are happy to help and design complete control cabinets.


Technical specification

Surface load up to 15W/cm²

Working temperature up to 900°C

Supply and power can be customized

Power tolerance +5% / -10%

Dielectrical strength 1250V - 1min (single insulated tubular heaters)

Leakage current 0,75mA/kW max 5mA (single insulated tubular heaters)

Connections M-thread, cable, flexible cable, flat pin, solder pin

Most common circular heaters diameters ; ø8;  ø10; ø12; ø14; ø16;

Most common heater materials are copper, stainless steel (SUS304, SUS316, SUS321), acid resistant stainless steel (SUS316L), Incoloy 800, Incoloy825, and titan

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