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Characteristics of infrared ceramic heater plate

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The production process of ceramic products refers to the whole process from the input of raw materials to the production of ceramic products. It is a process in which workers directly or indirectly act on the objects of labor by using certain labor tools and following certain methods and steps to make them become valuable ceramic products. In some processes of ceramic production, such as the aging of ceramic billets, the natural drying process of billets and so on. It also needs the help of natural forces. In this case, the production process is the combination of labor process and natural process.


Generally speaking, ceramic production process includes three basic stages: blank manufacturing, blank forming and ceramic sintering. At the same time, the composition of ceramic production process can be divided into production technology preparation process, basic production process, auxiliary production process and production service process.

Compared with the production process of other industries, ceramic production process, as a social mass production, has the following characteristics:

1. The ceramic production process is a process type production process with low continuity. Ceramic raw materials are put into production from one end of the factory, processed successively, and finally become finished products. The whole process is complex, and the degree of continuity between processes is low.

2. The degree of mechanization and automation of ceramic production process is low.

3. Ceramic production cycle is long. The production cycle of ceramic products refers to the total calendar time from the time when raw materials are put into production to the time when finished products are produced.

4. In the process of ceramic production, auxiliary materials such as gypsum model, sagger and boron plate consume a lot.

5. Ceramic production needs to consume a lot of energy, such as coal, natural gas and electric lamps.

6. Transportation is an important link in the production process of ceramic enterprises. There are many kinds of raw materials used in the ceramic production process. The semi-finished products, finished products, surplus materials and waste materials produced are characterized by large quantity and large transportation volume.

7. The fume, dust, solid waste and industrial waste water produced in the ceramic production process pollute the environment seriously. At present, most of the kilns used in China's ceramic industry use coal and heavy oil as energy sources, which will discharge a lot of smoke. Therefore, enterprises should strictly control the concentration of smoke and sulfur dioxide, so as to make them conform to the emission standards allowed by the state. Strive to use gas kiln to reduce air pollution.

8. The specialization and cooperation level of ceramic production process is low. For a long time, the level of mutual cooperation and cooperation among ceramic industry enterprises is not high. Large and complete, small and comprehensive "all-around" factories are more important, and the degree of specialization and socialization of auxiliary services is low.

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