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Pipeline heater is a kind of energy-saving equipment that pre heats the material. It is installed in front of the material equipment to realize the direct heating of the material, so that it can circularly heat in the high temperature and achieve the purpose of energy saving. It is widely used in the pre heating of heavy oil, asphalt, clean oil and other fuel oil.


The pipeline heater is composed of the main body and the control system. The heating element adopts stainless steel pipe as the protective sleeve, high temperature resistance alloy wire, crystal magnesia powder, and is formed by compression process. The control part adopts advanced digital circuit, integrated circuit trigger, high back pressure thyristor and other adjustable temperature measurement and constant temperature system to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater.

The pipeline heater can be divided into two modes: one is to use the flange type tubular electric heating element inside the pipeline heater to heat the conduction oil in the reactor jacket in the pipeline heater, and transfer the heat energy in the pipeline heater to the chemical raw materials in the reactor inside the pipeline heater Another way is to insert the tubular electric heating elements in the tubular heater directly into the reactor in the tubular heater or evenly distribute the electric heating tubes around the wall of the tubular heater. This mode is called internal heat type of pipe heater. The internal heating type of the pipeline heater has the advantages of fast temperature rise and high efficiency.

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