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Flange heating pipe is welded by multiple heating pipes on the flange for centralized heating. It is mainly used for heating in open and closed solution tanks and circulation systems. Advantages: high surface power, 2-4 times of general electric heating surface load, highly intensive, compact structure. As the whole is short and dense, it has good stability and no bracket is needed for installation. Most of the combined flange heating pipes use argon arc welding to connect the electric heating pipes to the flange, or use the form of fastening device, that is, each electric heating pipe is welded with fasteners. Then lock with the flange cover with nuts. Argon arc welding shall be adopted for pipes and fasteners to prevent leakage. Adopt scientific technology for fastener sealing. Single replacement is very convenient, greatly saving the maintenance cost after the selection of imported and domestic high-quality materials. Scientific production process, strict quality management, to ensure the superior electrical performance of electric heating tube.


Flange electric heating tube (also known as plug-in electric heater): it is a U-shaped tubular electric heating element, which is installed on the flange cover according to the design specifications of heating different media and the power configuration requirements. It is inserted into the materials to be heated, and a large amount of heat generated by the heating element when it works is transmitted to the heated media to raise the temperature of the media, so as to meet the required process requirements. When the medium temperature reaches the set point of the process requirement, the control system adjusts the output power of the electric heater according to the temperature sensor signal after PID operation, and realizes the temperature control for the resistive load of the heating element. Make the medium temperature uniform and meet the required requirements; when the heating element is over temperature or low liquid level, the interlock protection device of the heating element will cut off the heating power supply immediately to prevent the heating element from burning out and extend the service life.

According to the structure, the flange type electric heating pipe can be roughly divided into screw thread type and flat plate type flange type heaters. The common voltage is 200v-220v-380v, and the power is 3kw-4.5kw-6kw-8kw-9kw-10kw-12kw-15kw-18kw-21kw according to the heating size. Generally, 3-6-9 U-shaped double head heating pipes are welded to the flange through TIG argon arc. It is often used as boiler heater, tank heater, mold heater, etc. it is widely used in tank tank equipment heating of electronic, plastic, chemical and environmental engineering.

For screw thread flange heater, the common installation screw thread (thread thread thread) sizes are: 1-1.5 "(M47 * 2.5) - 2" (m58 * 2.5) pipe thread; for flat flange heater, the common installation flange standards are Japanese standard and national standard, and the sizes are: dn32-dn40-dn50-dn65-dn80-dn100-dn125-dn150-dn200-dn250-dn350-dn400-dn450, etc., for example, the common pressure of jis150 flange heater in Japanese standard is 6kg-10kg-16kg-25kg;

Flange cluster electric heater

The heating of liquids and gases by forced or natural convection.

Product features:

1. Small volume and high heating power;

2. It can heat various media in various occasions, such as explosion-proof occasions, etc;

3. Generally, the heating temperature can reach 700 ℃

4. The heating system can be fully automated, including the control of the electric heating system through the DCS system;

5. Long service life, multiple protection systems, safe and reliable.

Product application:

It is suitable for heating the liquid in various containers, tanks and solution tanks.

Process: flange type heating pipe is welded and fixed by heating pipe and flange.

Application: water, oil, gas, heating in sealed body.

Features: centralized heating range, high thermal efficiency.

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, simple installation, long service life, etc. It is widely used in various mold heating, saltpetre tank, water tank, oil tank, acid and alkali tank, fusible metal melting furnace, air heating furnace, drying oven, hot pressing die and other devices. (this product can be customized according to customer's requirements, providing drawings, voltage, power and size)

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