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The copper heating ring is mainly sealed by brass tube. The heating body of the heating body is made of nickel wire and high temperature resistant mica plate outgoing line. The outgoing line is made of high temperature resistant fiber wire and wrapped with stainless steel ribbon, which makes the outgoing line wear-resistant and durable. The connection of the copper heating ring is connected with the heating body by copper cap and welded by silver fiber, so that the copper heating ring is completely sealed.

Product introduction of copper heating ring:

1. The copper heating ring is made of high temperature resistant mica plate, which has advanced characteristics of high temperature resistance and good insulation performance.

2. The copper heating ring adopts high temperature resistant heating wire with fast heat dissipation. Uniform heating and high temperature resistance.

3. Copper heating ring is made of copper material, which has the characteristics of fast heat conduction, fast heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, temperature up to 600C without burning

4. The copper heating ring is made of fully sealed injection nozzle of injection molding machine with severe leakage.

5. The copper heating ring has a long service life and can save the replacement times. Improve work effectiveness.

6. Technical parameters of copper heating ring: ambient temperature - 20 + 60 ℃. The relative humidity is less than 80%.

7. The leakage current of copper heating ring is less than 0.5mA

Precautions for installation and use

1. The contact surface of the position where the electric heating element is installed shall be flat without concave convex phenomenon

2. The electric heating element shall be placed dry to avoid water immersion to affect its insulation performance

3. Before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specification of electric heating element and whether the use voltage is consistent

4. After installation, check whether the inner hexagon bolt, wiring base bolt and wiring bolt are locked. So as not to affect the life of products

5. This product should be used under the specified voltage. Considering that the voltage changes greatly at night in some areas, it is recommended to use a voltage regulator to avoid affecting the efficiency and service life of the product.

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