Far infrared electric heating ceramic plate installation instructions

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1. The high-temperature ceramic heater is of non waterproof structure, so it is not allowed to contact with oil, water and plastic particles during storage, use and installation to prevent electric leakage.

2. During installation, a certain safety distance must be kept between the high-temperature ceramic heater and the heated body to prevent fire or burn of materials.

3. If the high temperature ceramic heater is found to have a burnt black color on the surface after use, it indicates that the heating and heat dissipation of the receiver are unbalanced, and it should be adjusted in time to prevent burning through.

4. When using high temperature ceramic heater for heating, it is necessary to avoid breaking the ceramic plate due to strong knocking or collision with hard objects, and the exposed alloy resistance wire will affect the operation life.

5. Before installation, check whether the installation position is consistent with the specification of high temperature ceramic heater and whether the use voltage is consistent.

6. The radiator is not allowed to work at a temperature higher than the maximum allowable temperature indicated by the radiator, otherwise it will burn out.

7. It is recommended to use a temperature controller to prevent the temperature from exceeding the allowable range. Radiators with a power of more than 600W shall operate under temperature controlled conditions.

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