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Thecartridge heater of 3D printer

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Thecartridge heater of 3D printer is generally small in volume, large in power, and the single head tube with poor material is generally burnt out in a few months. The imported technology can generally last more than one year. Thecartridge heater of 3D printer with high cost performance is generally recommended to be imported. The cartridge heater refers to the metal tubular cartridge heater, the armored cartridge heater is to put the spring electric hot wire into the metal protective sleeve, evenly fill the gap part with the modified oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation, shrink the tube through the shrink tube machine, insulate the electric hot wire from the air, stay in the center position and touch the tube wall without deviation, and tighten it through the shrink tube, annealing, bending and welding. Firmware process.


1. According to the different surface load, cartridge heater is divided into class A (6W / cm²-12w / cm²), Class AA (12W / cm²-15w / cm²) and class AAA (15W / cm²-40w / cm²).

2. Different materials are used according to different grades, and the price and cost are different. Please choose according to the actual situation and target price;

3. Generally, the heating tube process on the market can only be less than 6W / cm², the material will be stainless steel 304, and the quality assurance is generally 3 months;

4. Grade A, AA and AAA products are imported materials and imported processes. Grade A and AA products are generally made of 321 materials imported from Germany or ingray 840, and grade AAA products are generally made of ingray 840 or ingray 800. Goodcartridge heater is generally guaranteed for 1 year (embedded dry burning working environment);

5. The common cartridge heater is usually made of ferrochrome aluminum or nickel chromium wire, and the goodcartridge heater is made of bGH wire from Germany or nickel chromium 2080 wire from America.

6. Insulating materials are selected according to different surface loads, including low temperature powder, medium and low temperature powder and high temperature powder; good cartridge heaters are made of UCM magnesia powder.

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