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Infrared energy-saving heating ring is a kind of energy-saving equipment for injection molding machine which aims at improving the structure and performance of the existing energy-saving heating ring. At present, there are also nano infrared heating ring, far infrared energy-saving heating ring, infrared energy-saving heating ring, etc. Infrared energy-saving heating ring uses infrared thermal radiation to heat the plastic processing machine barrel (gun barrel), which fundamentally changes the previous contact heat transfer mode of ordinary heating ring; the heating element uses high-performance electric heating wire to achieve the electric heat conversion efficiency of more than 99.8%, while the electric heat conversion efficiency of ordinary heating ring is about 60%; the interior of infrared energy-saving heating ring uses aviation Aerogels as insulation layer, reduce temperature and diverge, improve the utilization rate of electrothermal energy, and the surface temperature of the infrared energy-saving heating ring can reach 35 degrees centigrade. The above three aspects fundamentally change the fatal shortcoming of low heating efficiency, low heat transfer efficiency and high surface temperature of the ordinary heating coil, and realize the energy saving of the heating ring part of the plastic heating machine. The above three aspects of the heat exchange efficiency of the aerogel are basically changed.

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