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Why is the color of the thermal silica film different?

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When buying thermally conductive silicone pads, you will find that there are many types to choose from. Among them, there are different thicknesses, different hardness, different colors of silicone sheets. For novices, they do not know how to distinguish and choose the right one. Also, why is the color of the thermally conductive silicone sheet different?


1. Thermally conductive silicone sheet


Thermally conductive silicone sheet is a conductive medium material. The main material is silica gel, and the auxiliary materials are oxides of various metals. These materials are fused through a special process to directly make a thermally conductive silicone sheet. It can be used as a sealing material, shock-absorbing material or insulating material. It is more common to conduct heat conduction in the gap between the heating and radiating parts of the equipment to dissipate the heat of the equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


2. What does its color depend on?


From the analysis of the added raw materials, silica gel itself is a colorless and transparent substance. So its color is not brought by silica gel. Then it can only be determined by the added auxiliary materials, that is, various metal compounds. Generally speaking, gray and off-white are the more common colors. If you want the color of the thermally conductive silicone sheet to be yellow, blue, pink, etc., you must add some additional colorants during the production process.


3. Different colors will affect its properties


Its different colors will not have any influence on its properties. For example, in terms of hardness, it is mainly related to its thickness. Therefore, as long as the thickness is the same, the hardness of the thermally conductive silicone sheet of different colors is the same. What really affects its thermal conductivity is the adhesive and thermal conductivity.

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