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The difference between mica ring and ceramic ring

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Overview of ceramic band heater and stainless steel mica band heater

1. The ceramic band heater is not made by the ordinary mica winding method, but by the ceramic strip threading method, so the power of the product is 0.5 ~ 1.5 times higher than that of the ordinary one.

2. The stainless steel mica band heater is made of high-quality Ni Cr alloy heating wire as the heating body and natural mica as the edge layer. The outer layer is made of high-quality stainless steel as the conduction heating layer. The mica band heater can be used according to the user.

Customers need bands, plates and all kinds of special-shaped products.

Differences in advantages and disadvantages

1. The ceramic band heater has the characteristics of winding, bending into an arc, flat coveband or circular coveband on the surface for heating. The ceramic band heater edge has good performance and can meet the requirements in high-temperature heating. It has high working temperature, fast heating, uniform and accurate heating. Ceramic band heater has long service life, convenient installation and little possibility of damage. Even if the internal heating material is damaged, the external part can still be reused. At the same time, our products can be automatically controlled.

2. Performance advantages of stainless steel mica band heater: reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, uniform heating, fast heat dissipation, long service life, good edge performance, high pressure resistance, etc.

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