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Installation of Silica Gel Pad

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1. Bucket structure: use stainless steel spring buckle to fix, magic sticker to fix, lock to fix, perforated strap to fix.

2. Planar Installation: 3M Adhesive Fixation, Surrounding Opening Screw Fixation, Flat Paving or Inclusion Equipment in the Middle

3. Small pipes: natural three-dimensional cylindrical heating pad, snake-shaped natural curling of hose, natural stereo cylindrical buckle, natural cylindrical temperature controller

Types of temperature controllers:

1. High Quality Mechanical Knob Temperature Controller

2. Intelligent Digital Display Temperature Controller

3. Thermal protector, thermostat

4. High Precision PID Self-tuning Temperature Control Box

Outgoing mode:

1. Routine outgoing

2. Reinforcement die extrusion line

3. Thin outlet

4. bulge line


2019年10月12日 18:16