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3D printer heating bed usage guide

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The heating bed is very important for 3D printing of fixed models. If the temperature of the heating bed is not enough or the heating effect is not good, it will cause the model to warp, which will cause the model to easily fall off the plane, causing displacement or misalignment. So do you know what to pay attention to when using a heated bed?




1 The power supply voltage should be the same as the rated voltage of the heating bed, or slightly higher, not too high. If the voltage is doubled, the power of the heating bed will be 4 times the original, which is very dangerous!


2 Use a heated bed in a closed loop. There is temperature measurement + feedback + temperature control. The motherboard generally has temperature control, so don't worry.


3 What should I do if the temperature of the heating bed rises too slowly? The power supply voltage can be slightly increased. For example, for a 12V hot bed, with a 15V power supply, the power will be more than 1.5 times the original.


4 The wiring should be thick enough, 20A current and 2.5 square millimeter wire diameter are recommended.


5 Safety precautions: After the heating bed is powered off, the residual heat of the heating bed still exists. Please pay attention to safety and be careful of burning your hands.

2021年7月24日 11:22