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Why do 3D printers need silicone rubber heaters?

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Today, I would like to share with you the necessity of silicone rubber heaters in 3D printer housing heaters.


1. Reasons for edge warping


The silicone rubber heater is a unique accessory for FDM (Fused Deposition) printers. The main purpose is to prevent edge warping. So what is the reason for the rising edge? Warpage is caused by material cooling and shrinkage. Different materials have different shrinkage rates, so the degree of curling is also different, but one thing is certain, curling is inevitable and can only reduce the effect of curling. So some users said: "I'm printing PLA material, so there is no need to heat it with silicone rubber." Wrong, the printing effects of PLA materials from different manufacturers are also different, but some edges are not obvious, and some are serious.


2. Why silicone rubber heaters can reduce warpage


Silicone rubber heaters cannot eradicate warpage, but can only reduce warpage. The main principle is to heat the silicone rubber heater to keep the contact surface of the printed part and the silicone rubber heater at a higher temperature (PLA60℃ABS105℃) to prevent the model from warping due to the cooling of the material during the printing process.


2021年7月24日 11:19