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The explosion-proof characteristics of electric heaters are used in risky occasions

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Explosion-proof electric heaters are usually used in occasions where there is a risk of explosion, because there are all kinds of flammable and explosive oil, gas, dust, etc. in the surrounding environment. If you touch an electric spark, it will cause an explosion, so you must choose an anti-dry electric heater to heat up in other occasions. The key anti-explosion measure of the explosion-proof electric heater is that there is a drying device in the junction box of the electric heater to eliminate the safety hazards caused by electric sparks. For different heating occasions, the explosion-proof level of the electric heater is different, depending on the details.


The common application occasions of explosion-proof electric heaters are the temperature raising of chemical materials in the chemical industry, some powder drying under a certain pressure, chemical processes and spray drying.

Structure type, marine explosion-proof electric heater adopts optimized composite design concept, so that heat transfer is sufficient and heat loss is significantly reduced. The electric heater has the advantages of energy saving, safety protection, explosion-proof, intelligent temperature control, and compact space. Under the premise of ensuring the same flow rate and temperature for heating, compared with traditional electric heaters, the thermal efficiency is increased by 20% to 25%, the heat loss is reduced by 35%, and the safety factor for preventing dry burning is increased by 30%. It can realize the continuous transmission of the internal high-temperature voltage system. Ensure that the internal high-temperature voltage system of the electric heating equipment uses electric energy to obtain higher temperature electric energy.

Meet the high temperature heating regulations of the medium during the work task, so that its effect can be fully utilized.


The electric heater equipment has the advantages of precise structure, light volume, light weight and convenient installation process. When heating, it does not cause injury and pollution to the surrounding environment, and can get very high heating temperature and efficiency under relatively low working pressure. The internal high voltage system can provide the DCS system with alarm signals such as heater operation, high temperature, failure, shutdown, etc., and can also accept operation slogans such as automatic and shutdown issued by the DCS, and adds safety protection to the electric heater system. The monitoring device, but the price of the electric heater is relatively high. It can carry out effective monitoring of the heat transfer oil pump, the temperature flow of the heat transfer oil, and the pressure of the internal high temperature voltage at any time.

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