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Handling methods of common faults of explosion-proof electric heaters

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Explosion-proof electric heater is a type of electric heating equipment that converts electricity consumption into heat to complete heating of raw materials that need to be heated. It is a kind of internationally popular high-quality electric heating equipment with long service life. The use of explosion-proof electric heaters is becoming more and more common. However, if you do not handle properly during the whole heating process, you will encounter some common faults. This will reduce the life of the explosion-proof electric heater. How to deal with electric heating What about the common faults of the device?


After the explosion-proof electric heater has been used for a period of time, it is very likely that the heat cannot be added. This is probably because the electric heating wire in the explosion-proof electric heater is broken. Check whether the short-open wire can be connected. If it can't be connected, just replace it with a new line; there is also a case of poor contact, if that's the case, you need to reconnect the line. If an explosion-proof electric heater is found to be leaking, you must first find out where the leak is. If the insulation of the wire is damaged, you can also dry it first, and then wrap it with an insulating tape. If the electric heating tube is leaking, you can still Bake it in the oven first. If it still leaks, you need to replace it with a new electric heating tube.

2021年7月10日 11:18