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Basic introduction of stainless steel electric heating coil

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The electric heating coils and electric heating plates that we often talk about are actually electric heaters in essence, but the shapes are different. Electric heating coils are also called coil-shaped electric heaters. According to the material and process, they can be divided into two categories: stainless steel electric heating coils and casting electric heating coils. This article focuses on the former and describes the advantages of using it on this basis.


The thickness of the outer shell of the stainless steel electric heating coil is usually 0.3~0.5mm. The mica plate with high insulation performance and high temperature resistance is used as the insulator inside, and the resistance wire of various specifications is evenly wound on it. The resistance wire usually uses nickel. It is made of chrome alloy and works as a heating element. Because it can perform external wiring according to the different needs of different users, in general, there are more choices of external stainless steel plugs and iron sockets. In addition, because its working voltage is 12-440V, the highest power load is often 3.5W per square. It is widely used in packaging and printing, electronic equipment, plastic machinery, and petrochemical industries. It is important to our production and life. Practicality is great.


Simple production, reliable process, fast heating speed, low power consumption, and long working time are the main advantages of stainless steel electric heating coils. If specifically, it includes several aspects: the first is the high energy conversion efficiency. The heating time is shortened, and the tank is directly heated to avoid resource consumption during heat transfer in the middle; the second is easy to install, the cost is low, and there is no need to modify the original reactor; the third is that it can be realized.

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