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It is a boxed heater, similar to ceramic heaters, with industrial standard dimensions.
The heater is made of high temperature resistant Fe-Cr-Al alloy resistance coil and specially designed refractory quartz material, together with a high reflectivity stainless steel aluminum plated shell.
Quartz heaters mainly emit medium - and long-wave infrared rays.
Its heating speed is very fast, the heating time required is only half of ceramic heater, so it is especially suitable for intermittent production or equipment that needs rapid heating.
Infrared medium wave has stronger penetration, so for some thick sheet material (more than 2mm) its heating effect is better, and most materials, for medium and long wave absorption spectrum wider, absorb more total energy, the efficiency will be more ideal.
For FQE quartz plate heaters, the evenly arranged quartz tubes better control the distance before each heating wire, and the thickness of each quartz tube is the same, so the quartz plate has a more uniform surface temperature.
At present, it has good application in automobile interior decoration, refrigerator liner molding, printing and other industries.

The heaters are available in eight standard power ranges from 125W to 1000W.
Its surface temperature can reach up to 800 degrees.

Fe-Cr-Al resistance wire
Standard voltage of heater: 230V (other voltage values are provided as required)
Heater wavelength range: 1.5-5.6 microns
The recommended radiation range for the heater is from 100mm to 200mm
100mm ± 10mm ceramic bead wire,

Quartz plate heaters have a standard warranty period of 5000 hours and must comply with the following conditions:
No voltage exceeding the rated number of volts is used
Heaters are placed horizontally and can be moved vertically (if necessary)
The heater was not subjected to an external force sufficient to crush the quartz tube
Heating coils are not exposed to chemical corrosive substances or gases
Temperature of aluminized steel does not exceed 500 ° C (932 F)

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