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Mica insulated band heaters are installed on cylinder forms such as barrels, pipes and nozzles of injection molding or extrusion machines.


Mica insulated band heaters can be constructed in a variety of dimensions, voltage and wattages with different options such as holes, cut-outs and notches. A number of terminals, wire lead options and terminal boxes offer great flexibility for field wiring. With sheath temperature capabilities of up to 800°F, these heaters are ideal for plastic processing applications.


BRIGHT HEATER adopts a stringent internal quality control system. Every heater is tested for resistance and dielectric.



Plastic Extrusion

Injection Molding


Pressure Molding

Structural Foam

Food Industry

Container Pipe and Tank Heating


Chemical, Oil & Gas Industries



Sheath temperature: up to 800°F

Maximum watt density: 35 watts/sq. in.



1 or 2 – piece construction

Expandable one-time

Full expandable

Partial coverage

Reverse band

Square or rectangle


Exterior material: stainless steel

Interior material: Nickel chrome wire and ceramic fiber insulating material

Minimum standard diameter: 1″ (consult factory for smaller width)

Minimum standard width: 1″ (consult factory for smaller width)

Thickness: 0.205″ +/- 0.003″

Regular gap: 0.375″


Electrical Connections

Post terminal

Fiber glass sleeve

Metal braid (SS)

Armour cable (AC)

Teflon leads

Silicone wire

Ground post

Dual voltage

Low profile cap

3 Phase


Terminal Housing

Terminal box

Terminal block with ceramic block

European plug

European plug with terminal box

Ceramic post covers

Brass cap for heater with different angle lead exits


Clamping Methods


Independent or full strap

Spot welded straps

Built-in barrel nut construction

Spring-loaded barrel nuts

Wedge Lock


Latch and trunion

Flange lock-up



Mounting holes


Square cut-out

Adaptors and fittings


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